The short film thriller 3

A Coffee Films Production
A COFFEE FILMS production; "3", 3 mins, English, colour, DV, ©2004 Coffee Films.

Lee (David House) gets an unexpected visit from his best mate Jon (Mat Betteridge), who seems depressed at best. He's come fresh from a fight with girlfriend Sarah (Sarah Harvey-Smart), a fight where she told him something he really didn't want to know, something she probably wouldn't tell him again given the chance, and something that Lee definitely doesn't want to hear either.


Wreck Beach International Film Festival Award Winner

Microfilmmaker Magazine's Editor's Choice Award


"Excellent acting... Good music... This is a really interesting short film, and it does a good job at getting across a cohesive plot in such a short period of time... You will definitely be hit hard with the ending once it arrives. 8.8/10 Editor's Choice"
Microfilmmaker Magazine (click here for the full review)

"3 is an excellent example of what short films should be about... a simple yet strong story, told by a few talented actors with the minimum of fuss. 4/5" (click here for the full review)

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12-16.10.2004 MIFED Film Market, Italy (working print shown)
17-28.08.2005 Film UK Videotheque, Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK
17-21.11.2005 Brief Encounters Market, UK
28/01-03/02/2006 Clermont Ferrand Short Film Market, France
09-13.03.2006 Tampere Film Festival Market, Finland
08.04.2006 Warrington Film Festival, UK
18-23.04.2006 Dresden International Animation and Short Films Festival Visionbar, Germany
17.05.2006 Final Cut, Brighton Festival Fringe, UK
7/07/2006 La Festival de la Cite, Switzerland
13/07/2006 La Festival de la Cite, Switzerland
From 01/08/2006 Propeller TV, Sky Channel 195, UK
05/08/2006 Portobello Film Festival, UK
05/08/2006 Wreck Beach International Film Festival, Canada
26/08/2006 Aeon Expo, UK (screened twice)
27/08/2006 Aeon Expo, UK (screened twice)
From 01/11/2006 Performance Channel, Sky Channel 271, UK
10/11/2006 Best of Propeller TV, Leeds International Film Festival, UK
18/12/2006 Indietv, USA
3/1/2007 Shallowshorts 100 Podcast, UK
11/3/2007 Digifest, UK
11/5/2007 Eleventh Hour Short Film Showcase, Reading Short Film Festival, UK
22/5/2007 Cannes in a Van, Cannes Film Festival, France
4/8/2007 Propeller Vidrevision, UK
6/10/2007 AZA Digital Cinema Festival, Greece
23/08/2008 Aeon Expo, UK (screened twice)
24/08/2008 Aeon Expo, UK (screened twice)
7/7/2009 Festival Cine//B, Chile
ONLINE The film was also extensively rotated online at sites including Triggerstreet, 3btv, Trouble, Brightcove, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Yahoo, Google, iCini, iFilm, Zannel, Sharkle, Crackle and YouTube.


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