Adam Greenwood at Coffee Films
Adam Greenwood


Adam Greenwood, editor and DP

Adam grew up with sensible parents who only allowed him and his brother to watch Children's BBC, rather than the stuff on ITV, and they were regularly talked into digesting decent films and acting out stories in front of the family cine camera, the sum total of which Adam credits an early development of taste in entertainment to.

Adam's next foray into filmmaking was in the time honoured "lads playing with a camcorder" fashion. Tasked with a science presentation for class he and two friends decided to outshine everyone elses overhead projector presentations with a slick film, spending hours acting out a spoof daytime TV show only to realise they had omitted all the science, resulting in them having a closing 5 minute piece to camera reading from a science textbook. It must be added the teacher didn't actually let it get that far when played back in class.

Nevertheless the experiments continued with films in and out of school, shot on camcorders and cut VCR to VCR with CGI supplied by Adam's Amiga 1200. Inspired primarily to become an actor he worked through GCSE and A level theatre studies which led onto a theatre, film and TV degree at York St John University, where he discovered that he was a horribly wooden actor but had a natural flair for writing and editing film; perhaps also inspired by the theatre tutors' habit of treating the students like a personal theatre company doing whatever they were interested in rather than anything that seemed useful.

Finding the course brief on practical filmmaking and getting a bit of an "I could've been a contender" vibe from some of the tutors it was still well worth the time for those who did deliver and who were prepared to come in and work weekends, perhaps most importantly it hooked Adam up with like minded filmmakers that would eventually evolve into the forming of Crestfallen Productions with Sheena Holliday. The team came together to shoot their final uni piece but were forced to drop A Plaster, a Paper and a Chicken Salad Sandwich by their tutors as unsuitable, they quickly pulled together another script Like a Charm whilst plotting how to move onto Plaster after uni which they managed on a shoestring budget and put through festivals with support from Coffee Films.

After uni, Adam became a partner in Special Day Films and worked on numerous classy wedding videos for people like the Duchess Of Cornwall's children. He worked on a couple more Crestfallen projects with Sheena Holliday including the long gestating and eagerly awaited The Journey, as well as music videos for independent bands and various short films and web series with others including MileStone Films. He also developed an interest in camera operating which led to jointly-DOPing a micro-budget feature for Trespasser Films in 2011 and handling some of the camerawork on Coffee feature The Death and Resurrection Show. Alongside all this, he jointly runs the I Heart Y organisation which sells cool t-shirts and promotes the artistic creative scene in York.

"It feels like there's a cohesive filmmaking community developing in York, and I'm excited to be part of it and enjoying collaborating and being involved in all areas of the filmmaking process. I hope to continue making music videos, and I'm keeping my eyes out for documentary subjects as it's something I'd like to turn my hand to. I'm also hoping that we will have a feature-length Crestfallen movie to shoot at some point in the near future, I know Sheena has some great scripts on the go..."