Sheena Holliday at Coffee Films
Sheena Holliday


Sheena Holliday, film director and screenwriter

Sheena grew up in a small town in East Yorkshire surrounded by an encouraging, creative and hard-working family. Mum had been a singer in a band, a member of the local youth theatre and always very interested in all things crafty, Dad was a drummer in a band, a keen photographer and an excellent baker, older brother was an artist and even Nan performed tap in the local dance school. Needless to say, Sheena grew up loving all things arty.

As a child she wrote stories, drew pictures, performed dances in the front room (all recorded on camera by her pop) was a member of the local youth theatres, dance schools and choirs. Her Nan took her to her first dance class at 3 years old and she was performing on stage the following year.

Her first experience with filmmaking was with her dad; together they created plasticine models, animated them into a story and then recorded a separate soundtrack to be played alongside the finished work. She spent a lot of time dreaming about being an actor and living in London, started singing in bands and studying the arts with her A level tutors inspiring and encouraging a talent for work behind the scenes. A term spent studying her favourite genre, horror, cemented things in her mind; she would be a horror filmmaker and began writing her first feature film.

Continuing to study film at college she went on to York St. John University to study theatre, film and TV, completing an assignment to do some work experience on the Coffee Films short How to Disappear Completely. Continued mentorship from the Coffee team lead to her forming Crestfallen Productions with close friend Adam Greenwood amd the production of a series of short films that screened at film festivals worldwide including the A Plaster, a Paper and a Cheese & Pickle Sandwich project with Coffee.

Discovering a love for community arts projects she began working with a range of young people nurturing talented young people in drama and film. From young offender's institutes to leading the Electric Youth Theatre she enjoyed the diverse challenges and opportunities to experiment with different forms of filmmaking and storytelling.

In 2010, the childhood dream of moving south re-emerged and Sheena relocated to London immersing herself in film festivals, workshops and networking events, working on a huge number of shorts, features and music videos in various roles including producing and directing duties on App Media's Persona project; the first drama series made exclusively for smartphones.

Currently she is working on several projects; Special Day Films, a company specialising in creating unique event videos, shorts and feature ideas with Crestfallen (including the long dreamed of horror feature!) and arts project Question Your Teaspoons which creates site specific, multi-disciplinary creative arts projects.