Dealer is a micro-budget feature film about recreational drugs, relocated from the stereotypical inner city skag den to commuter belt Kent. The film follows a week in the life of a young hash dealer, through whose eyes we enjoy social smokes and laid back chats, experience an acid trip and dodgy suppliers, and eventually find ourselves dealing with the bad side of E.

Shot around a series of documentary interviews with an ex-drug dealer in 2014, looking back ten years to his experiences in the suburban drug scene, the dramatic flashbacks were shot on a tiny budget with consumer analogue equipment at the turn of the millennium under the theory that literally anyone can make a movie. Improvised around a basic structure by largely first time actors relating real experiences, the film offers the viewer a slice of real life amidst a mass of media and government hype and half truths; Dealer aims to provide as much of an alternative resource on recreational drugs use, as a striking collaborative work of documentary fact and dramatic fiction.

Dealer, a Coffee Films production, will be appearing at festivals in 2014/2015.

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