Containing a wealth of information on UK film and grant financing, great reference point for any UK film-maker

Directory and resources relating to British films internationally

Unusually proactive online casting resource who even offer human contact

Essential guide on Directing Unsuccessful Motion Picture Shorts from

Everything from brand new cameras to "second hand" software, the low budget filmmaker's best friend, of course it's for the US

Magazine style site with news, blogs, filmmakers FAQs, festival listings and buzzing message boards

Good guide from the project website for indie feature What is Moving?

Superb industry directory, completely free to use, tens of thousands of companies listed worldwide

Superb international production directory with nearly 200 categories

Great resource covering the basics of media law focused on the independent filmmaker

Because if you're shooting outside, knowing the weather outlook is essential. For the US check US National Weather Service

Excellent monthly webzine full of practical articles and indie film reviews

Good blog particularly for new filmmakers, lots of useful info and musings on all things film

Legendary UK resource working around several well subscribed daily e-mail bulletins; free to read, $30 a year to post, also runs in the US now

The most generous production comapany on the Net, awesome site for beginner filmmakers and fans of low budget work

Excellent essay written by Oliver Stapleton BSC, intended to help you find your calling in the film world

Well written common sense essay that every aspiring director should take the time to read, there is also a link to an essay on producing

Not our favourite video site, but has a great community of new, emerging and indie filmmakers