The BBC's move to support shorts and emerging talent, online screenings plus feedback and an industry panel.

Essential shorts festival with an excellent market run alongside.

Video website second only to YouTube and ahead of them in a few European countries

Site run by artists showing underground and interesting work in interesting places.

Probably the most comprehensive guide to film festivals on the net, in need of a clean up but still an essential resource.

Cool shorts fest run by equally cool people

A very underground festival that had 3 films banned by the authorities only to replace them with screenings of the Paris Hilton sex tape.

Touring program and DVD sales of high quality independent films and shorts.

Social video platform targeted at indie filmmakers and probably the most successful effort to do so; strong standard of films and some cool community extras.

A genuine celebration of film of any kind Portobello screens every film it gets sent, offering a chance for every voice no matter how small to be heard and seen in a diverse range of venues dotted across London.

Part of the markets at the Cannes Film Festival, the Short Film Corner provides an opportunity to get a screening and networking opportunities.

Short film festival in Greece run by people who really love film.

Quality short film festival which always has a great selection.

The nature and wildlife filmmaking equivalent of Cannes.

Carries one of the most complete listings of festivals on line, and includes a free to join system which helps you manage festival applications and offers discounts on some entry fees.

Easy to disappear beneath the waves of funny cat videos but still the essential place to upload your work; after you've done some festivals!