Yup, they're pretty old school, but when we first hit the Net, pre-Google, webrings were the bomb for finding cool websites about a certain subject. Webring was your guide through the web 1.0 universe when websites actually gave you content instead of expecting you to create your own, we miss you sometimes 1.0, and we just can't bring ourselves to delete you entirely from memory.

Anyway, for those of you who don't remember the web at the turn of the millennium, a webring was a group of websites about a similar subject (eg independent filmmaking), organised together by a little snippet of code into a ring of sites you could work your way around until you found something interesting. Below you can find all the webrings we were and are still part of, they should all still be working as the system is still alive and checking everything is there from time to time, have a browse it's a bit like a combination of the Wayback Machine, a collection of crimes against web design and a rather sad graveyard for the dreams of indie filmmakers that didn't make it, but you also might find a few retro gems in there...

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