Coffee Films present a Crestfallen production; "A Plaster, a Paper and a Cheese & Pickle Sandwich", 19 mins, English, colour, DV, ©2006 Coffee Films/Crestfallen Productions.

A quiet, film obsessed, young man called Murphy (Steve Joiner) inherits a flat in a run down seaside town and befriends his cranky and slightly odd next door neighbour Frank (Phillip Collins). An unusual friendship develops between the unlikely pair, wasting away their days watching rented videos and enjoying Murphy's other hobby...

A Plaster, a Paper and a Cheese & Pickle Sandwich is a darkly humourous tale created in collaboration between Kent based Coffee Films and a new filmmaking collective; York based Crestfallen Productions.

" inspired piece of filmmaking that I canít recommend highly enough. 4 stars."

Festivals, Screenings and Markets
7-11.03.2007 Tampere Short Film Market, Finland
05.05.2007 Mid Ulster Film Festival, Northern Ireland
21.05.2007 Cannes in a Van, Cannes Film Festival, France
3-10.08.2007 Video Cafe, Portobello Film Festival, UK
14-27.08.2007 Film UK Videotheque, Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK
6.10.2007 AZA Digital Cinema Festival, Greece
7.7.2009 Festival Cine//B, Chile

Press and Reviews
" inspired piece of filmmaking that manages to pull together an eclectic set of film traditions into something that is both unique and very entertaining indeed... If you have a chance to see this film, I canít recommend it highly enough. 4 stars.", click here for the full review

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