Last of the Scottish Wildcats, a wildlife conservation documentary from Coffee Films
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A Coffee Films production; "Last of the Scottish Wildcats", Region 0 DVD, 62 mins, English, colour, DV PAL, ©2006 Coffee Films

Last of the Scottish Wildcats is a current affairs and wildlife documentary, offering a behavioural background to one of the planet's most rarely filmed cats, as well as an in-depth analysis of it's conservation status and position in the modern world.

Scottish Wildcat in the Scottish Highlands
Scottish wildcat in the Cairngorm foothills (still from the film), Steve Piper

Wildcat One management consultants
Very special thanks go to Pat Tomlin and all at Wildcat One management consultancy in Edinburgh; after interviewing the company about their wildlife sponsorships for the documentary we came across a financial shortfall and asked them if they could help with finishing funds, true to form they came to the rescue and provided us with all of the remaining funds we needed to complete the film; THANK YOU!

LPS Creative Media
More thanks to Andy Langley and all at production company LPS Creative Media for helping us through the complications of DVD duplication, menus, encoding and so on, it would have been a real headache without your help; THANK YOU!

Wildcat Haven
The film originally donated a share of profits to the Scottish Wildcat Association, which has since morphed into the Wildcat Haven conservation project in the West Highlands, it's an amazing project well worth your support.

Ardnamurchan Peninsula on Scotland's West coast
Ardnamurchan on the West Coast of Scotland (still from the film), Steve Piper

Director/Producer/Writer/DP/Editor; Steve Piper

Original score; Robby Riggs and Peter Wellington at Robeter Productions

Narrated by; David Goodall at Soundsmove

Executive producer; Vanda Rapti
Program consultant and second camera; Allan Paul
Stills photographer; Ed Osborn
Mountain leader; Neil Jordan
Domestic cat wrangler; Gelli Graham
Production assistant; Tom Duncan
Production mascot; Coffee

DVD Master and authoring; Andy Langley at LPS Creative Media
DVD project graphic design; Coffee Design
DVD and website photography; Ed Osborn and Steve Piper
DVD publicity; Coffee Artists
DVD retail distribution; Beckmann Visual Publishing
DVD "Making of" music; Sound Sanctuary

Alaistair MacLennan at Balliefurth Farm
Allan Paul
Dr Andrew Kitchener at National Museums of Scotland
Andrew Rafferty at Strathspey Vets
Prof Colin Galbraith at Scottish Natural Heritage
Prof David MacDonald at Oxford University's WildCRU
Fraser Dodds at Highland Wildlife Park
Mike Tomkies
Pat Tomlin at Wildcat One
Peter Cairns at Northshots
Sandy Macpherson of Clan Macpherson

Featured cats;
Ailsa, Angus, Brude, Coffee, Cuillin, Feshie, Freddie, Heather, Little Hiss, Oscar, Sid, Skye, Tromie

Thank you;
Wildcat One, Ann MacLennan, Keith Ringland, Laurie Campbell, Morag Paul, Simon Munro, Terry Whittaker, Wild Scotland, the people of the Scottish Highlands

Filmed entirely on location at;
Allan Paul's captive breeding centre, Ardnamurchan peninsula, the Cairngorms, Highland Wildlife Park

Osprey filmed at;
Rothiemurchus Estate

In memory of Freddie

Scottish wildcat in captive breeding program
Brude, a wildcat in the captive breeding program (still from the film), Steve Piper

"I put your wildcat film on with some trepidation but having watched it twice I must congratulate you! It is excellent."

Mike Tomkies
naturalist and author of Wildcat Haven

"A sensitive and insightful interpretation of a deserved subject. Well researched with a delivery that challenges our apathy towards such an iconic species."

Peter Cairns
Nature photographer and conservation educator

"I thought your film was inspirational."

Chris Webster
BBC Saving Planet Earth